About Apieceofmypie

Hey there, I’m glad that you found the time in your busy day to pop over to my site. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Nathalie, I’m a young adventurer from Eskilstuna, Sweden. I’ve been living a Nomadic life since I left Sweden in September 2016 and I am currently working in Norway for the summer at this super cute Cafe/Bar in Henningsvaer, Lofoten

When I first started traveling I documented my journey on Instagram (@apieceofmypie) but I quickly noticed how restricted I felt. I wanted to be able to create freely beyond the limitation and restrictions that came with Instagram. I turned to the blog world and instantly felt like my creativity could blossom and that I could grow in a way Instagram never allowed. Unfortunately I lost all my content in a domain transfer I did recently, so for now the blog is a bit empty, but bare with me as I work hard to create new content and re-create a few old gems.

I enjoy trying new things, running off on spontaneous trips, meeting new people and practicing Yoga. I am also passionate about writing and taking photos, and after a long day I love relaxing in front of a good show on Netflix, It’s all about the balance hey? I’m not one of those luxurious travelers that will try to fool you into believing life on the go is glamorous and perfect all the time, Perhaps it is for some, but I doubt it. No, I’m just a girl that’s trying to make the most out of everyday, seeing at much as possible and climbing all the things - nourishing my inner child, sharing my life and the tips I collect along the road with you!

Another thing that is close to my heart is Mental Health, so on this blog you will see plenty of posts regarding Travel & Travel tips, but also Mental Health because I think it is an important subject to raise awareness about. I also want to prove that this lifestyle is available to everyone, no matter how your mental health history looks like!

You will also get the inside information and all my travel hacks for free! Sounds pretty great huh?

During these past 2 years in the blog world I have been interviewed by Adam for his ‘‘Know Thy Traveler’’ series and I have been published twice in the Canadian Travel Magazine ‘‘Wanderous Affair’’. I am also a blogger over at foodandtravelguides.com. Stay tuned for where I might pop up next!

That will be everything for now, lots of love from yours truly, Nathalie

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me, please send an email to; apieceofmypie@gmail.com