1 Month plastic free | 1 year plastic free challange

Hey guys! I know this is a post you’ve been waiting for and I hope you’ll like it. Just keep in mind that this was the first month of this challenge and if you have any tips and tricks on how I can make this period of my life a little easier, please help a girl out and drop a comment below will ya? If you by any chance missed the first post about this challenge (or if this is your first time on my blog, if so, Welcome!) I would suggest that you read this post before you continue with this one.

To just get 1 thing straight before we start, I do not believe that we all need to cut out 100% of our plastic usage by tomorrow, but I do believe that we are misusing and overusing plastic in many areas and this challenge is only meant to help you open up your eyes for this issue and to criticize our consumer habits (including my own). I can’t believe that it’s already been over a month since I started this challenge but I thought I could tell to you a little about my struggles, what I’ve come to learn so far and what’s been going on for the past month. Let’s start by diving into the struggles I’ve had.

We are living in A Plastic dominated world.

It’s sad, but true. All kinds of Salad is pretty much off limits, so is cucumber, Halloumi, a lot of Candy, most dairy products AND plant based ‘‘dairy’’ products. Popcorn, Seeds and dried food/fruit has so far been IMPOSSIBLE to find plastic free and plenty of other fruit & Veg is off limits as well because of plastic packaging. I did expect to have to limit myself in grocery shopping, but it still came as a shock to realize just how limited I would be during this challenge. Because of my limitations, and the time and effort I have to put in to grocery shopping I have started to feel a little bit like a liability when I shop with others, I’m not sure if this is all in my head or if people get slightly annoyed when I read on the back of everything and sometimes search the shelves tree times in order to find the item i’m looking for plastic free. It doesn’t bother me enough to not shop with other people, but I have been preferring to shop alone. Lucky for me, feeling a little uncomfortable in some situations isn’t gonna stop me from carrying out this challenge, I’ll just avoid the people who doesn’t act supportive and/or have negative impact on it.

My decision to live a year plastic free seems to bother other people more than it bothers me. I think it’s a little exciting and I like to challenge myself and by doing this I’ve gotten more aware of my own habits and it’s been fun to try to form new (plastic free) ones. I do get comments and people that feel entitled to point out my flaws, share their negative opinions about this challenge and even some that strongly suggest that I should be focusing on something else. I’ll admit that I have flaws, I’ll even admit that there probably are hundreds of other things I could/should be doing but I choose to focus this year on plastic so that’s what I’m gonna do.

My plastic consumption for the past 30 days:

I have gotten 2 plastic straws by accident when I ordered drinks at a bar (2 separate occasions). I’ve collected 7 fruit stamps (it’s almost impossible to avoid them on some fruit/veg), One plastic packaging for a European adapter because I forgot mine, 2 paper bread bags with a plastic front, 1 plastic glass, 1 Soygurt cap, 2 plastic bags and 1 plastic spoon. I also bought some reusable Polyester bags for fruit & veg.

I suspected from the start that this challenge wouldn’t have a 100% success rate - we use way to much plastic for that. It is sad to go into a challenge knowing there will be times you fail, but I am doing my best in avoiding it as much as I can! Even if I failed on several occasions I can’t help but feel proud that I can recall every single (plastic) item I have gotten/purchased in the past 30 days - How many people can say that? Can you?

20190918_182851 (2).jpg

I’ve had to re-wire my brain, remind myself that I politely have to ask people not to give me straws/spoons/bags etc. when I eat out or go shopping and there has been a few bumps in the road, no doubt there, but slowly and surely it is getting easier! One thing I’ve noticed it that is has been a lot harder to just pick up some unhealthy snack passing by the isles in the supermarket, so I snack a lot less. It’s also harder to eat/buy processed foods seeing as most of it comes in some kind of plastic packaging which means I make more food from scratch. So far, the health benefits have only been positive! The things miss not being able to buy tho are Halloumi, Popcorn, Salad (Kale & Spinach in particular) & seeds, coconut flakes, chia seeds etc. I’m always on the lookout for these items, but, if worse comes to worse it’s only one year I’ll have to be without them.. I CAN DO IT!

This challenge has been really good in acknowledging to myself what I actually crave food-wise, and what I just pick up at the grocery store because it’s simple and easy to grab passing by. One thing I can’t seem to be without is Granola. I love granola, on everything - Oatmeal, smoothie bowls, with yogurt etc. but most granola comes in a plastic bag (even if it sits on the shelf in a cardboard box). I found a sugar free muesli in a paper bag that I have added lots of delicious things to and it is now currently baking in the oven. Granola here I come! So what I’m saying with that is that if you want something strong enough, you will often find a way. It is better/healthier to make your own granola, etc. but you don’t always have time for it. But I guess that if i’m gonna have granola this year, I’ll have to make the time.


So far I have not had to buy any new cosmetics, Shampoo, Conditioner, toothpaste or anything like that so I don’t really have an update regarding that. All I can say about that is that I found a Dry-Shampoo-Bar at Lush when I was in London!! I didn’t even knew they existed, so far I’ve only tried it once but I’ll give you an update about it once I’ve tried it a few more times! I am also in the need of re-dying my roots and buying new toothpaste.. I did find some tooth-tablets at Lush, but they were in a plastic bottle so I didn’t buy them.. I’m currently researching toothpaste trying to find out if there even are any plastic free options available? If you know anything about it or if you have any knowledge in making your own - Hit me up!

With that said I think that pretty much sums up my past month pretty well, There will be a blog post coming up about what it’s like to travel plastic free shortly so stay tuned for that if you liked this one! Also let me know if you want me to continue these monthly updates throughout the challenge and all I ask of you in case you like my blog and wants me to continue creating content is to not only pop in for a visit every now and then but to also Like, Save, Comment & share it on social media. That way I am able to see if what I’m writing is appreciated by you. That was everything for now, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie

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