Going plastic free for an entire year!

A few days ago I turned 23. That means that for 23 years I have walked this earth and for 23 years I have helped shape the future - both for the better and for the worse. I’m sure you, like myself, has noticed an increase of posts, articles and videos where people talk about how our future will look like in a near future if we do not change the way we think, act and go about our daily life, and I am sure that I’m not alone when I say that this has made me think a lot about my own life, how I live and how the choices I make can have an impact on the world around me.

My promise to our world is to be better, to do better. So for the following year I am going to put myself through a social experience to see just how much plastic I would use on a regular basis. I would like to think of myself as conscious and for the most part I try to purchase plastic free alternatives. But what would happen if I banned myself from purchasing these items, would it have a drastic impact on my life? For my 23rd year alive I have decided to try my best to cut single-use plastic out of my life and I am going to take you with me on this journey!

Down below you can see how Lucy Biggens tried to be plastic free for 30 days! After watching it myself I can see how I might struggle with parts of this, while other things, like carrying my own reusable straw with me etc. is something I already do implement in my life!

I had also decided to cut palm oil out of my life 100%, but after doing some research I feel like I need to know more before I can make this choice. But until I manage to get my head around this and gather some more knowledge, Palm oil is going to be included in items I am going to stop purchasing.

I am no expert in this war against Palm oil and plastic, I am just an ordinary girl that is looking for ways to improve not only her own life, but looking for ways to minimize damage to our planet as well! This social experience might not be flawless, but I will keep it real with you and update you on both my progress and my struggles. To be continued.

If you would wish to partake in this social experiment with me, please do it and we can help each other!! Also, each encouraging word will be very appreciated as I’ll probably struggle a bit in the beginning. Even if you don’t cut plastic out 100%, every small change matters!

Down below you will find the video that made me think twice about cutting out palm oil 100%.

I recently transferred my domain between platforms and lost all my content in the process so this is me starting over from scratch. ''

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That was everything for now, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie

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