Best cafés in Henningsvaer

Today I am coming to you with a brand new post! Today I thought we could talk about cafees - Sometimes it’s hard to find a good cafe and we all have different criteria in what actually makes a cafe ‘‘good’’. To make it a little easier for you to find what you are looking for, I have written a guide for the biggest cafes in Henningsvaer where I cover everything necessary. Do they have a toilet? Free Wi-Fi? Do they cater for everyone? etc. All this you will find in this post! I do hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will come to good use if you’re ever visiting the beautiful Lofoten Islands. If you feel like there is something I’ve missed, please let me know down below!

For a Quick Q/A about each café, scroll down to the last part.


First impression? Super cozy, odd chairs and tables, burning candles & citrus fruit everywhere. On the wall there are old climbing gear (it is a climber’s café after all) and other odd things. You instantly feel welcomed by the crackling fireplace located in the middle of the room. Here they offer food like burgers (Both Beef, Veg & Fish), Chili Con Carne & soup of today, but also traditional Norwegian dishes like cream-based fish soup & Bacalao made with Klippfisk. (fish that’s been dried on the cliffside)

They also have a selection of cakes & homemade cinnamon buns during the summertime. If you’re only after a drink that is fine as well as they have a selection of local beer, spirits, Wine, Cider & Tap beer which you can enjoy either inside or outside by the harbor. Part of their outside seating is covered by a roof & has heating which makes it comfortable to sit outside, even on rainy days.

They are Vegan/vegetarian friendly and try to accommodate everyone’s needs, if you happen to stop by, I would recommend trying their Latte with Oatly’s ikaffe which is my all-time favorite milk! If you’re in a hurry they offer takeaway cups & can also make some of their food Takeaway.


Okay to chill/Write/Read/Edit photos? Yes, if the café isn’t full, they don’t seem to mind if you stay put for a while.

Free Wifi? They do not have Wi-Fi

Solo travel friendly? Yes! If it is busy you might have to share a table with a few other people but remember, a stranger is just one Hello from becoming a friend.

Pricey? For Norway, No. A Latte costs 4.5 euros, a pint of beer 9 euros & a Vegetarian Burger 17 euros which is quite normal in Norway.

Bathroom? Yes, they have multiple bathrooms inside.

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly? Yes! They have both plant based milk, vegan treats & food options


First Impression? This is also a super cozy place, it has a brighter contrast in the room but is decorated with odd chairs & tables, just like Klatrekafeen. It offers (according to me) the best coffee in town. Besides good coffee they also make and sell candles here, their homemade colorful candles really makes the cafe pop with color and they offer a big selection of pastries at the counter. Beside that they make their own cinnamon & vanilla custard filled buns that are delicious, although a bit big to finish if you’re by yourself in my opinion!

If you’re after a bite they offer simple sandwiches, fish & Chips, hamburgers or Pizza! They have a Bar stool seating area which is perfect when you’re by yourself and they offer their customers free Wi-Fi. At this cafe they do not offer any hard spirits but have a small range of wine and local beer.

The small seating area right outside quickly fills up on sunny days but they also offer a less known seating area outside around the back. If you’re in a hurry you can order Pizza takeaway and grab a T/A coffee in a Bio-degradable cup (without the lid). Besides selling their own candles, they have a small range of higher quality items such as good quality tea, Organic honey, dark chocolate etc. that they also sell in the cafe.


Okay to chill/Write/Read/Edit photos? Yes, if the café isn’t full, they don’t seem to mind if you stay put for a while.

Free Wifi? Yes! They offer Free wifi to customers.

Solo travel friendly? Very! They have a bar stool area which is perfect if you’re by yourself.

Pricey? For Norway, No. A Latte costs 4.5 euros, the same for a cake and the Pizza is roughly 16 euros

Bathroom? Yes they have one bathroom!

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly? They have plant-based milk & treats.


First impression? It used to be a woodworking plant and you can sort of tell by the massive structure. Here they have gone for the more minimalist retro style with bare walls, old school furniture and plenty of green plants. This is probably the most vegan-friendly cafe you will find in Henningsvaer and besides plant-milk, they offer raw balls and other vegan treats. I’ve been here twice and the first time I really enjoyed the cappucino I got, the 2nd time I thought it was horrible so I’ve got mixed opinions about the coffee here. Their vegan food on the other hand is really good and it is to my knowledge the only place where you can get a hummus sandwich here in Henningsvaer, and I LOVE hummus.

Thanks to their big structure they fit a lot of people so you never really feel like you would be stealing a spot from another costumer if you decide to sit and read a book for a few hours. They also offer free Wi-Fi here and sell some of their merch. Their merch, like the rest of Trevare, is pretty clean and simple but still looks very nice! They have a small outdoor seating area right outside the cafe, or a much bigger outdoor area on the backside, towards the ocean. You can get a mesmerizing skyline during sunset from their location.

You can tell that it is quite newly opened and there seems to be something new popping up every week, but with a little effort this place will grow into something even better! For the shuffle board lover they have a game inside, as well as a ping pong table. They have a liquor license but offer quite a small selection of basic spirits. They also offer wine, cider and bottled beer but it feels like their main focus is tap beer where you have a choice between either the Local Lofotpils or their own - Trevare øl.


Okay to chill/Write/Read/Edit photos? Yes, I say this is probably the most laid back place for this, because there are so many seats for customers so you could probably hang around for hours without feeling bad.

Free Wifi? Yes! They offer Free wifi to customers.

Solo travel friendly? Yes! They have various of places to sit, if it is busy you might have to share a table but that could lead to a new friend!

Pricey? I’d say it is around the same price as the other cafees, but I noticed that the cups are smaller here. Food & drinks cost is roughly the same as well.

Bathroom? Yes they have several bathrooms!

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly? They have plant-based milk, treats and food options!



First impression? It’s has a very simple and clean look, very neutral colors and no patterns. They will make you a good coffee here and serve some good sweet treats as well. They also sell the bakeries bread so if you’re in the search for freshly baked bread this is the place to visit! They have simpler food here like Bacalao, hamburger, fish soup, toast and Salad and if you happen to step by I would suggest you try their almond meringue cake - it is so good!

If you’re after activities they also work as a tourist information and book excursions for tourists every day! They have plenty of activity folders for the one who is after an activity and for the one who is just looking for a souvenir - they got you covered as well! They have an outside seating area and I would guess that their seating area get the most sun out of all cafees on a sunny day!

They provide free wifi to customers and is the only cafe in town that serves ice-cream! How crazy is that?! Here they only have them in tubs though so when I am in the mood for some Ice-cream I always go to Mix, they have the best selection of soft-serve ice cream!


Okay to chill/Write/Read/Edit photos? Yeah I do not think they would mind!

Free Wifi? Yes! They offer Free wifi to customers.

Solo travel friendly? Yes! But most tables are quite big so you will probably have to share it with some strangers.

Pricey? The price is about the same as in the rest of the cafes.

Bathroom? Yeah they do, but you will need to get an access code from the staff.

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly? They have plant-based milk! I have not seen any plant-based pastries here tho.

That was everything for me. I hope this makes it easier to pick a Cafe in Henningsvaer! Which one sounds like your favorite cafe? let me know down below! After writing this post I realize that I love different things in each cafe and would like to merge them together into ONE PERFECT Cafe. Haha, A girl can dream right?

Other places in Henningsvaer that offer coffee and/or sweet treats:

Lofoten Galleri| Bar Nord | Lofoten Opplevelser Centre | Mix

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That was everything for now, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie

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