How to find and get a job abroad! #Travelhack

Do you want a Nomadic life? Do you want to travel the world but don’t have an unlimited bank account? Do you want more out of life than a 9-5 job? Then this post was made for you!

Hey! If you’re reading this post it probably means that you are looking for a way to either escape in some way, or a way to ease your hunger to explore & travel our world. For me it was a bit of both and if you’re still reading this I dare to say that you are at least a little curios about this lifestyle. Which is good because then you’re in the right place! And worry not if you don’t know anything about it yet, when I first stumbled upon this lifestyle I thought it sounded too good to be true, that it was reserved for trust-fund kids and big, famous social media Influences. I’m glad I was wrong. It is an amazing way of living with so much freedom and room for adventures!! And to also get paid to live & work in locations you’ve only dreamed of visiting is an extraordinary opportunity for us ‘‘ordinary’’ people. It requires a lot of work as well of course, but for the most part it is soooo worth it to have that extra freedom!

In 2018 I worked less than 7 months during the entire year and was able to travel to 6(!?) different countries! For this to be possible I do not stay in Luxury resorts and I try to keep my lifestyle fairly simple and minimalistic so that I can save more & travel more. It’s not always perfect and glamorous like you see on social media, but it makes me happy and I get to explore some pretty sweet locations while I’m in between work or on my spare time so I can’t really complain. Life’s pretty sweet!

LOCATIONS I’VE WORKED IN: Lofoten | Rottnest Island | Freycinet National park | Coles bay | JUKKASJÄRVI | Strahan |


Today I am here to help make it easier for you to look for and find your own jobs abroad. At first I had no idea what I was doing but I put some faith in myself and now, 3 years later, I am still able to work abroad and travel to many gorgeous locations so I must be I’m doing something right. The first thing I’d like to mention is that to have this kind of lifestyle YOU have to believe in yourself. Don’t leave this page! I know it sounds cliche but hear me out. This was not me either at first, FAKE IT. I will always preach that you should be yourself, but, when it comes to looking for a job abroad and you don’t have the confidence just yet - then fake it till you make it baby!

You are no longer only competing with people from your own city over a job, you are most likely competing with people from all over the world! Now, this sounds scary at first, but once you score that first job abroad - oh wow, what a confidence boost!

First of all, if you want to get a job abroad you need to make sure you are allowed to work in that country! Depending on your passport, you are going to be eligible for different countries, in some you won’t need a visa and are free to work in the country without one, while other countries will require a visa . Down below I have listed some things that will help you score that first job abroad! Even if you’ve had jobs abroad before I’m positive you will find some helpful tips & tricks that you might not have thought about before.


This is possibly the most common, and most popular option for working in countries where you need a visa! Work & Travel visas are available in multiple countries and the conditions/eligibility varies from country to country. Popular countries that offer a Working Holiday Visa is Australia, New Zealand and Canada but you’d be surprised how many countries offer it. Click here to see the complete list, but keep in mind that laws change frequently so I would recommend checking the government page for the country you’re interested in working in to be 100% sure you get the correct information. You should only apply for the visa directly trough the government website to make sure you’re not being fooled. Once you have acquired the visa the job hunt can begin!



Do not underestimate the power of a simple online search. Play around with searches on the web. Examples of searches you can make: ‘‘Seasonal jobs *country*’’ , ‘‘Seasonal job Winter season 19/20’’, ‘‘ Seasonal job Summer season 2020’’ There are multiple websites online that collects information about jobs abroad and posts vacancies from companies on their site, but as with everything else, there will be fake websites etc. So make sure to ask lots of questions, trust your gut feeling and research the company. I have been doing this for 3 years now and has so far only had 1 horrible work experience. Even with the proper research, there might be times where you end up somewhere you don’t want to be, if that happens, I hope you have the courage to leave.

Have a look at these pages to find inspiration and job vacancies: | | | | |

Have a look at these pages to find home-stays & volunteer work: |

For my Swedish travelers! Have a look at these pages: | | jobb.sä |

‘‘Work with us’’

Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that even your dream location needs staff. Bigger companies often have a ‘‘work with us’’ or a ‘‘career’’ button at the bottom of their page where you can apply for jobs. If it’s not visible on their page you can use any search engine and type the following; ‘‘NAME OF PLACE* followed by Work with us/job vacancies ’’ and with some luck it will take you straight to their hiring page.



If you are going to use an agency, make sure it’s a trusted agency (trusted agencies are usually listed on the government website). I’m just going to touch on this subject lightly as I am focusing on helping you find jobs on your own right now. If you, for any reason, feel like you want to use an agency, I am going to talk about pros and cons about going through an agency in a separate post, so stay tuned for that!


Also known as Networking! This will get easier along the way, as you get to know people. If your lucky other seasonal workers might start to recommend places too you - and of course, once you’ve had a few jobs you can return the favor! Pay the kindness forward so to speak. Sometimes all it takes is a comment a colleague blur out and that might sound something like this; ‘‘I know a place you’d be perfect at’’ or, ‘‘I worked in this place once.. now that I think of it, I think you’d love it there’’. Remember these places. Write them down and look it up when you can, one of them might be perfect for you!

There was this one place in Australia which I had read about, and romanticized in my head but once I brought it up during my travels and started to discuss it with people I was strongly advised not to go and looking back at it now, after hearing really bad things about this place, I am so happy that I never went there! In that sense, talking to people about your plans can be really helpful! It can also backfire, and you can be wrongly advised about placess so in the end you should always rely on your own gut feeling and common sense to make up your own mind. When you’ve found a company where you would love to work, send in your amazing resume and then the waiting game begins! The worst thing that can happen is that you get a no, and I promise, you will survive that.

If you found any of these tips helpful, please help me spread the message to more people around the world by Commenting down below and Sharing it on Social Media! With that said, I hope too see you around the world somewhere! Best of luck, and remember - I Believe in you! xo Nathalie


That was everything for now - Stay tuned for ‘‘Pro’s and Con’s about using an Agency’.’’