Lost in London & Wrong Airbnb address

I got lost in London with the wrong Airbnb address and a dead phone last week.. that’s just such a typical thing to happen when you travel am I right?! Or perhaps that’s just me.. haha. It happened last week when I went to London to surprise my dad for his birthday! I planned the whole thing with his partner and got an Airbnb close to theirs so I would be able to stay hidden until we surprised him!


I flew to London the day before they did - and told my dad I was flying to Greece for a holiday with my boyfriend and that I was sad to miss his birthday. Usually the most adventurous moments happen once you get to your destination right? Well, not for me. My most adventurous moments are usually between my start point and my destination.. Cancelled & delayed flights, wrong directions and being stranded in unknown cities are among the things that has gone wrong. The trip to London was no exception.

Firstly, I forgot my adapter at home (rookie mistake #1). Secondly, I was on my phone editing pictures most of the flight and drained most of my battery in doing so. I figured it would be fine but to my horror I realized that I wasn’t able to charge it on the bus. (This wouldn’t have been an issue if I had my portable charger with me but it broke a few months ago and I haven’t replaced it. Rookie mistake #2) So I looked up my saved Airbnb address in my phone and put it on flight mode. Made it to the address with 10% battery left. Realized I had to go back online to get the lock-box code in order to retrieve the key.. so I did. Found a lock-box that matched the description and tried the code… didn’t work… At this point I had 5% Battery left and my boyfriend was about to land at the airport and meet me at the Airbnb. Luckily I had given him the address beforehand so I wasn’t worried about that..

To fix this I had to get a hold of the night manager.. I turned my phone off flight mode for a second, got the number! Now with 3% battery left I stopped an old lady on the street who lend me her phone so I could call the Manager. He said he would come over in about 10-15 minutes, so I waited.. and waited.. after 30 minutes I stopped another guy on the street who tried to help me open the lock box, and lend me his phone to call the number. That’s when I realized I was at the wrong address.. my dads airbnb address..

Because my battery was low, I had tried to keep my screen time limited and in my attempt to be quick, I had accidentally clicked on their Airbnb instead of my own.. It was a mere coincidence that the lock box description for their Airbnb matched mine! How crazy?


I can laugh at it afterwards. But at the time this happened it was 11PM, My phone was dead and I had no idea where I was actually going.. So I was a tad bit (read; very) stressed. I got the correct address over the phone and the guy knew the area so he showed it to me on a map. Luckily it wasn’t far because I had booked it nearby my dads place on purpose but it was still going to be a struggle to find without a phone. The guy was so sweet that he offered to order me an Uber and paid for it.

He wouldn’t take the money I tried to offer him and instead he told me his wife would be proud of him for doing something kind and that it was payment enough. So I thanked him and got in the Uber. Luckily the address the 2nd time around was correct and I found the actual lock box. Found my way inside, ran and bought an adapter so I could charge my phone. If I only remembered which address I had given my boyfriend I wouldn’t have stressed to charge my phone but since he was on his was.. hehe, no time to spare.

As it turned out, I had given him the right address (I DID ONE THING RIGHT, SCORE!) and we managed to surprise my dad at breakfast the morning after! Funnily enough tho, the address I had been given wasn’t their address either.. it was just the address to pin-point their area.. hehe. Oh well! Things could’ve been worse.. Moral of the story, Double check everything before you leave and keep your battery level in mind. Strangers can be really amazing but you should try to avoid getting into this situation.

If you’re anything like me tho, chances are pretty big that something like this will happen and that is okay, we are not perfect! With that said, all I ask of you in case you like my blog and wants me to continue creating content is to not only pop in for a visit every now but to also Like, Save, Comment & share it on social media. That way I am able to see if what I’m writing is appreciated by you and I am also able to reach more people around the world. That was everything for now, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie

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