My birthday celebration in Lofoten

Hey guys, firstly I wanna thank you for the amazing response on my post yesterday! Each like, share and comment means the world to me and it was one of the best gifts I could’ve wished for! THANK YOU. For today’s post I thought I’d take you through the day I had yesterday.

The day started when Theo, Oscar and Ebba came into my room, sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me some wonderful presents, afterwards we had cake for breakfast. Best way to start a birthday!

Had a coffee at my favorite cafe in Henningsvaer before we headed off to Svolvaer for some birthday adventures! With only a few weeks left in Lofoten there are a few things I would love to do before we leave, one thing on that list was to travel to Trollfjord. It is a very popular fjord here in Lofoten and many tourists venture out to see it for themselves. The fjord is only accessible by boat or by a 10km long hike through rough terrain. We choose to go there by rib-boat together with lofoten-explorer and had a wonderful 2hour trip on the sea! Big thank you to Lofoten-explorer for being part of making my birthday awesome!

Al though the fjord itself is quite overestimated, which I had been warned about, it is home to many white tailed eagles and on this tour we got to see quite a few eagles up close, which was a very cool experience! The sea was also very flat and calm which made it possible to have your camera & phone out at all times without it getting wet! I brought my camera.. but discovered that I had a flat battery just as the tour was about to start - rookie mistake - so I had to rely on my phone camera for photos. I must say, some still turned out pretty okay, wouldn’t you say?


When we got home Theo popped open a bottle of Prosecco which we enjoyed in the sun. Ebba & Theo both had taken the day off so they could celebrate it with me (cuties!) and planned the evening without me! We had a wonderful dinner over at Den Blå Fisk and their deep-fried chevre starter - WOW! After dinner we had some drinks with friends at my workplace. All in all, a very simple and wonderful birthday!

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie