Re-Launch of Apieceofmypie

Hi guys, wow it has been so long since I last wrote a blog post! Missed me? Of course you did. I know I missed you. So much has happened since my last post in April and I can’t wait to share it with you!? To name a few, I am currently living in Norway, where I’ve had my first horrible overseas experience work wise and I’m in the middle of planning for my next overseas adventure which will take place in September. I will write a more detailed blog post covering the horrible experience in the next post but right now I just wanted to welcome you back to my new blog - now hosted by Squarespace! The design is a little different and I am still getting used to it myself, but I love it!

So after a long break with only the occasional post here and there I decided to transfer my domain over from Bluehost to Squarespace and the move itself went very smoothly and well - except for one thing. I lost all my content in the process!

Changing a domain over between platforms is100% new to me and something I had never done before, so I somehow missed the fact that I was supposed to transfer all my content BEFORE moving over the actual domain. This fault is 100% mine and both Squarespace and Bluehost has been very helpful in trying to receive it but nothing seems to be working. I guess it’s lost in cyberspace forever and I am just gonna have to start over from scratch, which, after a lot of thinking, I am okay with.

There is no reason why I should fight this when I believe that everything happens for a reason. With that said, all I ask of you in case you like my blog and wants me to continue creating content is to not only pop in for a visit every now but to also Like, Save, Comment & share it on social media. That way I am able to see if what I’m writing is appreciated by you and I am also able to reach more people around the world.

In celebration of the re-launch of apieceofmypie I have decided to post daily for the entire week! That means that you will be given 7 new posts this week alone! I am aware that my blog might look empty now - but worry not, more content is on its way! Now I’m about to head out to celebrate, because it’s not only the big re-launch, it’s also my 23rd Birthday today!

That was everything for now - Stay tuned to hear about my Horrible overseas work experience!