The end of the re-launch week!

Welcome to the final post of the re-launch week! First of all I would like to thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to visit my little blog, it means the world to me! I’ve seen every comment, read each little tribute message, noticed when you’ve shared a post via social media and even gotten myself mentioned by another traveler on her blog. I would call this a successful re-launch and it would not have been possible without you - Thank you!

This week has flown by and I was planning to publish another, more exciting, post for you today but due to the lack of time I have had this week I will have to postpone it until I can finish it. I do not want to rush these things and I am sure that you will love it once I am finished! Quality over Quantity!

Earlier this week I talked about how I am going to cut palm oil and single-use plastic out of my life and I thought we would talk about how that is going. So far so good! I still have a few things left in the fridge that is wrapped in plastic etc. but it would be an even bigger waste to throw out so I am gonna consume it like normal, and because I still have food in the fridge and have been pretty busy this week I haven’t gone shopping yet but I promise I will update you on how that goes once I do it! I also seem to inspire others to be more conscious about their own purchases, which wasn’t part of the plan, but it is always nice to inspire others and I’ll happily embrace it!

Le’ts talk about my birthday presents! I got 2 books about photography, a 5 year one-line memory book , some pencils and a 30-Day challange cube. I also got a Palm-oil free, Vegan and plastic free (!!!) hazelnut chocolate spread (hehe, thats’s a mouthful) as a late birthday gift from a co-worker and I personally think it tastes exactly like Nutella! Yum,Yum,Yum. What’s even better is that my boyfriend didn’t like it so I will have it all to myself! I didn’t expect anything at all for my birthday, but it is nice to be given gifts that mirrors what you like and that you truly enjoy. It feels good to be surrounded by people who knows you.


I recently transferred my domain between platforms and lost all my content in the process so this is me starting over from scratch. ''

With that said, all I ask of you in case you like my blog and wants me to continue creating content is to not only pop in for a visit every now but to also Like, Save, Comment & share it on social media. That way I am able to see if what I’m writing is appreciated by you and I am also able to reach more people around the world. That was everything for now, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie