Wholesome culture Review + Discount Code

Disclaimer: This post contain affiliate links which mean that I will get a small commission for each purchase you make. but I want to make it clear that this in no way changes the way I feel about this company. I would never recommend, wear nor team up with a company that I do not wholeheartedly love and that I cannot stand behind 110%.

Hey! As you know if you’ve been following me from the re-launch I made a promise to our world on my birthday! The promise was that I was going to cut palm oil, plastic bottles and single use plastic out of my life and to keep going down that path further I am also looking for ways to minimize environmental damage through other purchases as well and a while back I stumbled upon wholesome culture.

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You might have seen their awesome shirts circling around on social media. The wholesome culture is a sustainable company that pride themselves on selling ethically made clothing & accessories, they also encourage & inspire the world to go plant based and part of their profits are donates towards animal rescues. All of this sounds pretty epic in my opinion, But are their clothes really as good as their vision?

I decided to order a few tees and try for myself. I put an order through 11th of July and received the package (in Norway) 2nd of August, which is quite a reasonable delivery time if you take into consideration that they print your tees by demand to minimize waste.

I am 1.69cm tall and I choose Size Small – They fit perfectly! The fabric is so soft, the shirts are good quality and it goes with everything! I am sucker for a good tee with a cute message.


If you, like me, are trying to live more eco-friendly, or if you’re simply in need of some new fabulous clothes, have a look on their site! Not only is it an amazing brand with good prices considering everything they do, but I am also able to offer you 10% off your next purchase! All you have to do is click here, enter your email and voila! A special discount code will be sent to your email.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this company, their clothes and what they stand for and after wearing their clothes for a month now I can stand behind this company 100%! I feel like more companies need to take a stand against animal cruelty, environmental damage and start thinking about sustainability so that we can ensure our future generations are greeted by a green, clean & lush world – just like we were when we were born!

If you end up using my code, comment below and tag me in your photos so that I can see it! Can’t wait to see your stunning new looks that I know you will be able to create with this brand! With that said, all I ask of you in case you like my blog and wants me to continue creating content is to not only pop in for a visit every now but to also Like, Save, Comment & share it on social media. That way I am able to see if what I’m writing is appreciated by you and I am also able to reach more people around the world. That was everything for now, and until next time, take care! xo Nathalie

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